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Thursday, 24 December 2015

More Christmas drawings...

And so not to leave out my other two wonderful children, I asked Finn and Daisy what drawings they would like from me, Finn asked for a dragon:

And Daisy a rainbow ghost (!!?!)

Kinda feel bad for the kids that didn't ask for a dragon. I do like drawing dragons. Ah well, you live and you learn! Perhaps someone will ask for a short film and I'll get off my sorry ass and make one!
Merry Christmas my wonderful family!

Christmas 2015

Oh my! It's been a full year since my last post! Well, after Pan, The Martian and Beauty and the Beast, it has really been busy!

This year my son Ruairi asked for some drawings for Christmas, and so I was really pleased to have an excuse to bring out the watercolours.

These stars represent love. Three stars for the children in our family, two for Aisling and I and the star in the centre is the love we share. And then lots of smaller stars in our lives together.

Saturn is for peace and quiet. Yes peace and quiet (as well as love above!) made it onto Ruairi's Christmas list!

And well the gumball machine is just a gumball machine. I have to express indebtedness to the marvelous painter Wayne Thaibault.

And this is how I gave them to him:

Merry Christmas my darling boy!