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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hogsmill Sewerage Treatment Works

It's odd having been making pictures most of my life - and never once having attempted a landscape - I guess if you exclude things I might have been doing as a child that's not technically true. So here's an attempt then. My lovely wife Aisling bought me a fancy big set of watercolour pencils for Christmas.

Christmas 2016

For what seems to have been a grounding year for many. With rather a lot going on around the world. I found it hard to be overly smitten by robins, sleighs and images of cozy warmth.

Secret Santa at the office

Lovely idea from one of the guys this year. We draw names out of a hat and draw / make a card or present for the name you draw. We also had to put a theme of some kind next to our names. The theme for the young lady whose name I drew was witchcraft and polar bears. Anyhow - this was the illustration inside the card I made for her. Roughly 2-3 hours on ArtRage.

A note to self.