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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Three Brothers animation. Death's design.

The Three Brothers animation was directed by Ben Hibon and executed with the Framestore London commercials team. I worked with Ben and supervised the project for Framestore. Ben Hibon, concept artist Alexis Liddel, and myself brought designs to the table. Here's the Framestore PR.

Here's a progression of designs for the Death character. The three explorations below are quite different in their fundamental parameters. Bony and gaunt hands found even at this early stage.

The following drawings found the overall idea - how his robe would work, a little about his transparency / ethereality and facial structure and detail ideas.

and there was something about this one that we liked that spoke loads about his character. He became even creepier than this in the end. We took him far away from human characterization, he was a much more primal creature than this image suggests.

Here I tried to nail down more of the specifics, the hood etc. and started to touch on the all important look.

These were the final concepts which laid out in more detail the lighting and look, textures etc. Also how exactly shadows were to suggested and create forms.


  1. I absolutely loved the sequence in the movie. Beautifully designed, and wonderfully animated.
    Great work

  2. Absolut perfect design. Very scary, but beautiful and fascinating. I love this scene in the movie.
    Great work !

  3. Thanks folks! It is so rare to have a chance to design something so literally and intensely dark. I'm glad you liked.

  4. I just had to bookmark this! even before i saw this page the character and style in the movie just screamed out to me, incredible work! As an art student/enthusiast this gives me so much to learn from and is a golden nugget of raw style and information to help me develop a few styles of my own. Thanks for creating this guys it's a masterpiece from my point of view =)

  5. oh wait sorry, hadn't read the fine print lol ... great work, team!

  6. I loved the Deathly Hallows because of that animation..i had been very dismissive of the Potter series and never watched it untill i saw the animation.