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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Three Brothers animation. Three Brother's design.

This was the first drawing that spoke of a good direction. Heavy tones of the charcoal implying deep shadows.

Antioch Peverell. The first brother - a violent and brutish guy. He challenges Death for the most powerful wand ever created.

Cadmus Peverell, the second brother. A vain and arrogant man who asks Death for the power to raise his dead bride from the grave.

Ignotus Peverel. The third brother. He takes the upper hand on Death by asking for the power to remain hidden from Death as long as chooses.

Character size chart:


  1. Really neat being able to see the concept art for this, I thought the animation and overall fell was amazing.

  2. Thanks for posting these drawings! I've always respected animation, and I was indescribably thrilled to see the Three Brothers' tale told this way – the cherry on top for a movie of my favorite books. Whenever I need a little creative and artsy inspiration, I watch the sequence and always get completely immersed in it.

  3. Es muy interezante el cuento de los tres hermanos y susu grandes diujos muy originales y que es una inspiracion para todos los amantes del dibujo como lo soy yo y espero ver mas animaciones como estas en una futura pero lejana pelicula de harry potter.