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Friday, 1 May 2009

Jeeves' new clothes.

Here's a treatment on Ask.coms' brand character Jeeves I designed and supervised for Framestore. We designed Jeeves, produced web graphics for the re-branding launch and produced 6 television commercials for our clients.

It's fun designing something from scratch. But then occasionally you need to work with a classic character - something that people are familiar with. You need to keep the character recognizable and familiar to the brand and address - in this case - the clients needs to upgrade, to create a contemporary appeal.

We did not have long to turn the job around, six weeks in total. I did not have the luxury of an extended period of drawings and concepts. I did a basic run which got us a client approval and we got modelling, texturing and look dev-ing as soon as we could.

These are some selected designs which got the client nod:

Here are some stills from the final 3D model:

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