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Friday, 1 February 2008

Lux Neon Girl

A 60" commercial directed by Daniel Kleinman for Santos, Beunos Aires. My good friend and illustrator / director Sylvain Marc worked with me on the design on this commercial. You will be able to distinguish another hand at work if you watch the link at the end of this post.

Poor lass. She's busy looking beautiful hanging out at work - to start with her arm goes on the blink, then a car splashes her and her legs splutters off too! Then trips over a rock and she is jeered by some people at a cafe. Lonely and downtrodden she makes her way home and has an invigorating bath with a bar of sparkly Lux soap. Bright and alive once more she heads off, finds her cowboy and dances the night away.

To start with she began as a cowgirl:

After several incarnations as airline hostess, nurse, etc etc. she settled her existential quandary to became a waitress:

And this is how she looked in the opening moments of the commercial:

And what would a Lux Soap commercial would be without the product shots with the lady in the tub?

And some facial studies.

You can watch the final commercial here:

Best Animation at the Midsummer Awards 2008.

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