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Sunday, 2 October 2011


My wife and I have long associated each of our children with animals. Kinda silly I know. My second son Ruairi, adorable as he is can be quite a contrary little bugger. Magnanimous and cuddly, but do not cross him when he's grumpy - like a bear! When he was a baby he had a cute lil bear eared hoodie. And so he was Ruairi Bear.

Now Finn, our eldest son seems like a fox. Wily, smart and lithe, his cunning intellect will leave you wondering. He likes to play on the edges where he constructs fantastic worlds. And also, he is a bright shining light with a heart of gold. There ya go - above is my vision of this Fox, perhaps there will be more.


  1. this is excellent mate! Great shapes and colours. I'd love to see the bear too!

  2. Thanks dude! Actually it's one of the first non digitally finished pieces I've done in ages - a more back basics approach which makes you think and be immersed more.